Tuned to make
your life easier
Tuned to make
your life easier

Home Automation

We personalise your home for your needs and interests and set up all your home appliances to the smart system network. Our home automation programmers will take care of transforming your home. We set up the automation system so that you can utilise every bit of technology that our products offer.

Theatre at Home

Want to transform your living room into a theatre? We've got you. From on-wall speakers to in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, you can experience a better than theatre experience right at your home. Not just the sound, but we also offer solutions for latest-tech projectors that take the visual experience to a new level.

Smart Lighting

Light up your home in a smarter, efficient, and productive way. Create the perfect lighting for your home depending on various factors such as time of day, weather, or even feel and mood. One of the fundamental tools in Smart lighting control is the scene. Scene controls or scene settings allow you to illuminate an area based on the lighting needs and activities you do there. Lighting scenes are not one-size-fits-all unlike with the standard lights.


Secure your memories. We've got state of the art security systems that can detect, record, and notify of any suspicious movements in your space. It is not just with the security, but we also offer you peace of mind with the Systems' setup and installation.


The world today is digital, and networking has become an integral part of our lives. And, it takes specific education to know the ins and outs of the setup. But you don't have to worry a bit about it as we have a team of experts that can work the magic for you. So, please sit back and relax as we install a secure network for your home.

Audio all Around

Why should the audio be restricted to the living room? We can set up an integrated network of audio devices across your home so that you're never away from grooving tunes. Not just that, we can merge them with the smart system so that you can control and adjust the audio output just the way you like.

Smart Blinds

With automated routines set to trigger a specific time or action, we can install your blinds to react just the way you need. Time for bed? The blinds will automatically close, preventing outside light or sounds to enter. When it's time to wake up, the blinds can open every morning just as the sun rises and lights up the room.